Test Photos taken with Nikon D1 camera and Nikon 80-400 mm VR lens (handheld)

Across the Hudson Closter 3284 Closter 3309 Closter 3355 Closter 3356
Across the Hudso... Closter 3284.jpg Closter 3309.jpg Closter 3355.jpg Closter 3356.jpg
Closter 3357 Closter 3358 Closter 3565 Closter 3566 Closter 3567
Closter 3357.jpg Closter 3358.jpg Closter 3565.jpg Closter 3566.jpg Closter 3567.jpg
Closter 3570 Closter 3572 Closter 3573
Closter 3570.jpg Closter 3572.jpg Closter 3573.jpg